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Well, where we left off I think I was just about to go to Forks...

It wasn't that impressive, to be very honest. It's just a town thrust into a paper-thin popularity that it clearly wasn't ready for. There's a tour you can go on which takes you to the "Cullen House" and the hospital where big daddy Cullen is supposed to work but that's about it. Naturally, we didn't go on the tour but did stop to film some Twi-hards in Twilight gum boots from across the street and to dip into the official Twlight Store entitled "Dazzled by Twlight" which basically housed expensive t-shirts and keyrings and a selection of scents with "Essence of..." and then a character's name afterwards, basically anyone from Alice to Edward's was on the shelf being eagerly tested by a gathering of squeaking thirteen year old girls. The Bella tester was almost empty. Figures

Subway @ Forks, WA

Hurricane Ridge

This particularly day ended up being pretty full in the end, visting almost every kind of landscape. To begin we drove the thirty or so miles up Hurricane Ridge to get a beautiful panoramic view of the Cascade Mountains. I've never seen actual snow-capped mountains before so it really was a completely awesom experience. I felt so small looking out from the ridge and seeing trees above cloud line AND THEN DEER CAME ALONG. EEEEE. Same day we hit Ruby Beach which the Rough Guide to the USA promised us had red and black sad. It may have been red and black in individuality but to me it just look grey. This place did mark the very first time I saw the Pacific Ocean and good grief it's breezy. James built an elegent tower of pebbles and looked pleased with himself. Fun was had.

Lastly we topped off the day in the Quinault temperate rainforest (see the video :D) for half an hour or so before catching a motel in Aberdeen for our last night in Washington. Aberdeen is a dive, that's the only way I can really describe it. We stayed there for a minimal amount of time in the morning and fled to Portland as soon as we could.

Ruby Beach

Quinault Rainforest

Portland, though short on actual attractions, is a really nice city. Everyone there appears to have a dog despite living in an urban environment, I saw several of a number of different breeds and James and I practically made friends with a couple (accompanied by an attractive young lady, I may add) while we relaxed with a book or two in Couch Park. Speaking of books, we went to Powell's City of Books not once but twice during our stay because it managed to take up an entire city block by itself and boasted having close to a million books. Whether or not that's entirely true I'm pretty sure I've never seen so many books in one place in my life, I'd definately recommend it if any of you guys find yourself in Portland. I could have spent a lot there but settled for a Robert Newcomb fantasy novel and a copy of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," which is what it says on the tin - a swift rewrite turning the Bennett sisters into a pentagram-of-death toting, spunky zombie hunters.

The epic event in Portland, some of you might know from facebook already, but we almost got our car towed by accidently leaving it in a car-share parking spot for three hours. Whoops. In our minor defence the only difference between the sign by which we were supposed to park and the space in which we actually parked was a small green arrow at the base of the sign but then again we probably should have been more careful. Oh well, forty dollars of parking ticket later we've learned our lesson. Hopefully Officer Ozawa will be the only police person we talk to this summer but I'd be surprised if we made it the whole way without something stupid happening.

Our Parking Ticket :(

Portland also has the prestigious title of the first city in which I've been put through a hostel. I must admit I wasn't a huge fan since we've been getting a pretty good deal out of all our motels so far for only ten bucks more than what we paid for the youth hostel. I expected to meet more people there, especially since we were sharing a room with four other strangers. There was one ridiculously attractive girl who left at 11pm with a giant rucksack saying she'd see us later and then never came back. Another was a girl who slept in a full on dress and kept herself to herself but trusted people enough to leave her laptop lying around - perhaps I'm too paranoid. The other two were a british boy called Dave and a Canadian girl called Austin who looked to be friends. Turns out they were there for the Northwest Youtube meet in Oregon Zoo! There were even a couple of big subbed youtubers going that I recognised. I was tempted minorly despite James' barely concealed mockery but swiftly dismissed it. I'm a nerd but not THAT much of a nerd, right?! RIGHT?! ;_;

Mount St. Helens

Oregon Coast

That leaves me with the last couple of days which basically feature us trekking the nearly 400 miles from Portland to where we are tonight (Eureka, Northern California) We made our way to the US101 south down the Oregon coastline, stopping off at various sand dunes, redwood forests and viewpoints along the way (Mount St. Helens was a particular highlight). We scammed a total deal tonight in terms of motels. We're in the Super 8 and for $75 we have cable tv, fridge, decent bathroom, free wifi, continental breakfast, pool/jacuzzi and two double beds.

This is actually a brief summary o_o I really need to update more often so I can pop into more detail. Speak to you guys soon!
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