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An Update. (No, seriously)

Soooo, this update has been a few days coming but I want to try and get a decent enough account down so I have something to look back at. Here goes, the trials and tribulations of two just-twenty somethings in America.

Trawling myself out of bed the morning of the 23rd wasn't really anything less than a trial. Four hours sleep is barely enough for my mind to function properly but I did manage to crawl my way to the car and doze away on the front seat while James' mother drove us to Heathrow. Not sure really how to describe check-in... normal, boring, queues followed by screaming children and expensive but highly necessary cheese sandwiches. Our first flight took us the 4000 miles to Chicago (fyi cutest baby EVER sat in front of us and I'm not usually that much of a baby-squee-er), where I performed my first ever ~*~flight connection~*~, not as scary as I initially assumed. Another four hours from Chicago to Seattle where I my digestive system decided it had well and truly had enough of all the air-pressure abuse but I'll save you from that tale. Arrived in Seattle, hour bus to downtown and HURRAY! Comfy comfy king sized bed. After 22 hours of travel, was exactly the kind of shizz I wanted to see.

Seattle was all kinds of bohemian wonderful. I did feel a little dirty going out of my way to visit something as crass and mass produced as the first ever Starbucks but I couldn't help myself. Pictures were taken, videos made and possible vacuum flasks were purchased. The Pike Place Market was a brilliant suggestion by my travel buddy James as it was a perfect plethora of little trinket stalls, fish-sellers who chucked salmon around like they worked at a cocktail bar and old style music and print shops. I got completely over-excited on seeing on of those fortune teller machines like in the Tom Hanks movie "Big". I put my 50 cents in and got predicted death. Woe is me. James laughed despite me assuring him that the death card isn't actually as bad as the name suggests, but predictably was met with further mockery.

Being the money-savers that we are, we paid a mere five bucks to go 73 floors to the observation deck of the Bank of America tower (tallest building this side of the Mississippi River) for an epic view of the city, Space Needle included. The Space Needle itself cost almost three times that to go up. Winner is me. We finished up the day with a wander around Pioneer Square, momentarily stepping into Utilikilts - The Kilt Shop for the everyday man, yes of course I took pictures. James also decided at this point to have his picture taken by any and all signs featuring his own name...yeah. Nerdz Forever.

Check out this morning was rushed since James decided to make himself an entire waffle with only seven minutes to catch the bus. We made it though even though the others on the bus frowned on us for keeping them waiting. We got the bus back to Seattle Airport to pick up our car. James and I could tell instantly that the rental was never going to go entirely to plan when our Alamo representative "Sophia" asked us whether the UK was a part of Germany. She attempted to stiff us with expensive extra roadside assistance by claiming we didn't have any whatsoever before being forced to correct herself and finally saying that we would only not be covered if we intentionally ran over something. The two of us eventually got away and found our delightful little silver Oregon Hyundai Accent which we swiftly dubbed "Oscar". A few hours later we realised "Sophia" totally fucked up our rental and we're going to have to seek out Alamo in Portland and get it fixed. James only pulled out some hair over it.

Oscar saw us all the way to Port Townsend (70 miles around the coast) where lunch was picked up along with a few supplies and a box of Lucky Charms. The scenery is beautiful despite the muggy weather, got a lot of shots of clouds rolling over the mountains. I got WAY too excited a couple of hours ago when I realised our route tomorrow is going to take us right through Forks. YES, THAT FORKS. Oh my goodness, I'm going to run around like a complete Twi-hard steeped in sarcasm. I can't wait.

I'm writing this from our motel room in Port Angeles. The business card claims they 'sell good sleep', time will have to tell on that one. It's raining too hard to go out in this generally over-touristy and slightly grubby yet authentic seaside 'resort' so James and I are going to spend the night in and watch continuous episodes of Spongebob on Nick. Sounds like a good night.

Also, R.I.P Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson :( I hope this sort of thing doesn't really come in threes.
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